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There is a current debate in all youth sports on the value of winning games versus the long-term development of young players. While there is often conflict between these two goals, they do not have to be separate paths.  

At WCYS we have the long term interest of the players at heart, therefore the development of a player is our number one priority.  We believe it is more important to “supply” the player with the skill that will allow them to play successfully through the future rather than just looking for victories today. We believe that a win at all costs philosophy alone is detrimental to a young player’s future; therefore we will choose long-term player development over competition in situations where they conflict. We believe we can provide a competitive playing experience AND improve long-term player development through a systematic approach to organized curriculum.

To fully understand our intentions in the Youth Select program at WCYS you should understand that those that choose this program are most often those families whose children have already played recreational soccer and are looking for something additional. They want more structured player development at practice with coaches that have a background and expertise in soccer, AND they want a competitive environment where their children are challenged so they will develop better skills and further their enjoyment of the game.

Select soccer players need to be committed players.  The main benefits of select soccer are:

*  Structured, well-managed place for the kids to play and achieve their goals (playing soccer in middle school, high school, college and beyond)
*  Player and skill development
*  Higher level of play and competition
*  Experienced, licensed coaches

Frequently asked Questions:

1.  How is it different from recreational soccer?
Answer:  Select level soccer players have more training opportunities per week.  This training is done by qualified, nationally licensed coaches (not volunteers).

2.  Practice location?
Answer:  Located at Pistole Park.  The fields are lighted and provide convenient access from anywhere in Warren County and surrounding areas.

3.  When is the select season?
Answer:  There are generally 2 seasons during a players one year commitment:  Fall & Spring.  Teams may also participate in a winter program (December thru February) that consists of indoor training for speed and agility.

4.  Isn't playing select soccer expensive?
Answer:  Compared to recreational soccer, select does cost more.  However, we feel that the select soccer program offers more value to the player.  To help ease the burden of a lump sum payment, we do offer installment payments.

5.  What are the select divisions?
Answer:  Group1 - Ages U8 and U10
                Group2 - Ages U11 and U12
                Group3 - Ages 13 and up

6.  What is the time commitment?
Answer:  Practice - Typically select teams practice 2 times a week (90 min sessions)
                Tournaments - Typically one tournament per month
                Friendlies/League games - Typically one or two game days per month

7.  How are players chosen?
Answer:  Each prospective player is assessed based on four components:

  • Technical ability - passing, receiving, dribbling
  • Tactical ability - decision-making with and without the ball
  • Physical ability - speed, agility, strength, power
  • Psychological - composure under pressure, coachability.

8.  What if my child is not chosen for a team?
Answer:  Unfortunately, not everyone may make a team. While it is disappointing, you are encouraged to keep trying. Players develop differently. One year can make a big difference.

9.  What is a player card?
Answer:  All players and coaches registered with the Tennessee State Soccer Association as a select player carries a U.S. Youth Soccer Association (USYSA) member pass. The card has the player’s or coach’s photo, birth date, team information, member identification number, and signatures of the cardholder and registrar. The card must be stamped and signed by a TSSA designee to be valid. It is presented at all friendlies, tournaments, and state league games as verification of players’ identity and affiliation.

10.  What is the difference between Division I, Division II and Division III?
Answer:  These are tiered divisions of competition through the state, region and U.S. Division I is the highest division. All U9 and U10 teams play at the DIII level. There is no State Championship at U9, U10, and U11. Once you reach U12, a team has to designate DI, II, or III. If a team plays DI, it will have the opportunity to play in a state league which qualifies the team for an automatic berth in the State Championship tournament. All three divisions have State Championships beginning at U12. Beginning at U13, DI teams have an opportunity to play in the regional and national championships.

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